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I finally took a survey. Thanks Purplecigar!

OK. I have done a grand total of one survey in my pitiful D-Land existence. I usually avoid these things like the plague, but my Eighties-Lovin’ Tennessean friend, Purplecigar specifically tagged me to fill out this one, so I really can’t refuse, now can I?

Besides, this is a survey about music, so I can’t possibly refuse to take part. I am kind of a freak with music, owning over 600 CD’s, several hundred additional tapes and a few vinyl LP’s (Go ahead, you young D-Landers. Tell me what LP even means!) to boot. I even had a gig as a DJ at the college radio (WGLS - 89.7) station when I was going to school at Glassboro State College (Now Rowan University).

Basically, Miss Cigar… You had me at hello.

1. What are the total amount of music files on your computer?
That right there is a tricky question. I’m on my work computer currently, which has 39 musical files on it. (All of which are legally mine, by the way). But this is not a good representation of my music file-a-tude.

If you want to know about my home computer, that would be zero because that computer is having the equivalent of a sledgehammer taken to it as we speak by my pops, who is re-formatting the hard drive for me and reinstalling all sorts of crap on it. However, knowing my dad, he probably has a stack of doowop and Paul Simon CDs stacked on top of it, so, in reality, it probably has quite a bit of music on it.

If you want to talk about my crappy, knock-off iPod, then I have 387 music files. This is actually a very low number (Especially for me) because the hard drive on this piece of crap crashed on me a few months ago, destroying thousands of my prized bootlegged songs, including the theme song from “Over the Top”, lots of songs from hair bands like Warrant and so much other cheesy music that I should really be in therapy for my downloading choices.

Since the big crash of ought-four, I’ve gone the legit route of purchasing music and burning my own music (quite slowly, ergo the scant 387 music files) to my MP3 Player. I’m purchasing my music because I just don’t see the point of being sued by the record industry because I just HAD to have “One Night in Bangkok” by Murray Head. I’ll pay my dollar per song, thank you very much. And besides, the bands went through all of the trouble of thinking up the songs and basing their livelihoods on those songs, so I figure I should at least help them buy a better house so I can watch them on MTV Cribs.

2. The last CD you bought was?
Franz Ferdinand. This CD rocks out with its….
I digress. Anyway, this is an awesome CD that you should buy immediately.

Even though the survey isn’t asking, I’m giving you my last few CD’s that I’ve bought or received as gifts…

Beatles - Abbey Road and Magical Mystery Tour - I need to complete my collection from the greatest band of all time

Cake - Pressure Chief - Good CD, but disappointing from my favorite band not named the Beatles

They Might Be Giants - Dial-a-Song: 20 Years of They Might Be Giants… This is the band that sings the theme song of Malcom in the Middle (Not the Boss of Me) and Higgly Town Heroes (You parents of young children know what I’m talking about). Good CD from a quirky band that I have loved since I was a wee high-schooler.

Woo Tang Clan - Enter the Woo Tang - This is a CD I’ve wanted since freshman year of college when my Fraternity pledgemaster used to walk around singing “I’ve got myself a Fourty and I’ve got myself a Shorty” There are some things you just need to own.

3. What is the song you last listened to before this message?
I’m at work, so it is some sort of office music that I don’t know the words to. In the car before I got to work this morning, I got a healthy dose of Major Tom by the immortal Peter Schilling. The song was on the alternative station on XM and, even though I liked it, I always remembered this song as kind of spooky when I was a kid. What a brilliant song. If you would have pulled up alongside the BigPimpMobile this morning, you certainly would have seen one rocking freak as I jammed out with Mr. Schilling.

4. Write down five songs you often listen to, or that mean a lot to you.
I’m breaking ranks big time here and listing more than five songs, so you’re going to have to deal with it…
1. “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix A Lot - I love this song and know every word and will sing it on request at any time in any place. This is probably my favorite song of all time.
2. “Momma Said Knock You Out” by LL Cool J and “Laid” by James- There aren’t too many songs that I love to scream at the top of my lungs like “Momma Said…” and “Laid”.
3. “You’re the First, the Last, My Everything” by Barry White and “It’s Not Unusual” by Tom Jones - My wife and I enjoy dancing like idiots to these songs.
4. “Godspeed” by the Dixie Chicks - This is an awesome song if you have a young son. You don’t have to even like country music to enjoy this song. I listen to this song at least once every time I go away on a business trip.
5. Songs I sing to my baby girl to help her get to sleep: “Take Me Home Country Roads” by John Denver, “Yesterday”, “Nowhere Man” and “Norwegian Wood” by The Beatles, “Lone Palm” and “Come Monday” by Jimmy Buffett

5. Who are you gonna pass this stick to (three persons and why)?
Oh dear. The pressure.

Who to ask? Who to ask?

I’m not sure if he’ll take part, but I’d like to see what Uncle Bob has to say about this, since he’s a DJ and all. Make that two because DangerSpouse is a bona-fide Radio DJ. They probably have better things to do than fill out this survey, so I’m doing a Two-fer Tuesday (How’s that for radio terms, Danger?) because there is a good chance that neither of them will fill it out, so I might as well double my chances.

I’d like to have JuddHole take on this, just because he makes me laugh when he talks about his balls and wearing skirts and I’d be interested to see what he listens to.

Lastly, I’d like RhiDundantx2 to take it because she knows all of the lyrics to Corey Hart songs and her screen name is one of the wittiest I have ever seen.

12:29 p.m. - 2005-02-01



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